4 Ways To Make the Most of a Mobile Marketing Tour

4 Ways To Make the Most of a Mobile Marketing Tour

If you want to expand your business’ reach and attract new customers far and wide, one of the best things you can do is go on a mobile marketing tour. It’s a great way to show off different products and services, and there are ways to make the most of a mobile marketing tour to engage different audiences. Using these tips will help ensure your tour is a success.

Go Where the Customers Are

If you want to make the most of your tour, one of the first things you must do is ensure you’re going where your customers are. Going to a mall or a rural state isn’t in your best interests if you sell high-tech business electronics. Instead, you should be going to trade shows, Silicon Valley, and states with a large tech-industry presence. Before embarking on your tour, do some market research, find where your customers are and where new customers could be, and then go to them.

Advertise Yourself

Showing up at a trade show, mall, or festival with little to no prior announcement is not something you should do. You will get some eyeballs on your business, but not as many as you could if you dipped your toes into some advertising. Something simple like frequent social media posts or fliers can do a lot to draw people’s attention to your business. Potential customers may really click with your products and services, and you need to guide them toward your business. Otherwise, they could completely miss out on your display, and then you’ve lost yourself a customer.

Learn To Follow Through

Engaging audiences and talking about your business’ products and services is something you’ll achieve with your marketing tour, but you need to convert that engagement into sales. To best accomplish this, you must learn to follow through. Grab the attention of people looking at your display, and then give them actionable steps, such as:

  • Directing them to social media
  • Showing them your website
  • Giving them a brochure with additional materials
  • Giving them a coupon code

You want to further engage your audience with your products and services and leave them thinking about your business after you’ve gone. Follow-through helps ensure that your marketing tour pays off.

Hire the Professionals

Another way to make the most of your tour is to hire professionals. You can throw everything together and embark on a grassroots tour, but this can be stressful, creating more space for mistakes. To simplify things, consider hiring professionals. They cost money, but they’ll make sure your tour goes off without a hitch and can save you money by avoiding unexpected costs that may come up with a grassroots tour.

A mobile marketing tour is a great opportunity for business growth, but you need to make the most of your mobile marketing tour to ensure it’s successful. A hastily put-together tour with little thought will only hurt your business. If you’re unsure how to juggle event logistics and the tour itself, come to us at Event Marketing Drivers for all of your tour management needs. We’re the marketing tour company that will help you stay on schedule and within budget so you can reach your audience.

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