5 Common Myths About Mobile Marketing Tours

5 Common Myths About Mobile Marketing Tours

One of the best ways you can put your business, products, and services in front of new audiences is by going on mobile marketing tours. It can be tricky, but it’s a great way to engage with consumers nationwide and give them hands-on experience with what you’re selling. Unfortunately, some common myths about mobile marketing tours are pushing some businesses away from these tours.

“You Can Only Go to Big Events”

One of the bigger myths about mobile marketing tours is that you can only go to big events. While many mobile marketing tours stop at music festivals and sporting events, there are many other places to take your business. Some wonderful spots to stop at include the following:

  • Small community events
  • Universities
  • Malls
  • Farmers markets

Depending on your target demographic, you should tailor where you go, but the world is your oyster—you can go almost anywhere!

“You Must Be Big To Win”

Another myth that persists is that in order for your mobile marketing tour to be successful, you must already be a well-established brand. While brand reputation can certainly help you attract attention at events, there are other factors that determine the outcome of your tour. These tours are a great avenue for smaller businesses to get their foot in the door, build relationships with consumers, and get first-hand feedback for your products and services.

“They’re Too Expensive”

Money is a big deciding factor in how brands proceed with different marketing operations, and it has limited many businesses from embarking on marketing tours. While marketing tours can be somewhat expensive, they are a sound investment that benefits businesses in the long run. You’re forging important connections, learning more about your products, and seeing what consumers think and want from you. This important information can help you grow your business.

“They’re Difficult To Manage”

Mobile marketing tours are also supposed to be difficult to manage, but when you work with professionals, they can be incredibly easy. A qualified driver and tour manager can help you get to where you need to go on time and avoid any hiccups along the way. While managing a marketing tour can be tricky, it will be a breeze with the right people.

“Mobile Marketing Is Only for B2C”

Another common myth is that mobile marketing is only good for B2C businesses marketing directly to consumers. While the most common marketing tours you see are B2C, there are plenty of events and roadshows where B2B businesses thrive and forge successful relationships with other businesses. You could even bring a marketing display to a potential client’s parking lot to give them hands-on experience with your products and services.

Understanding these common myths about mobile marketing tours and why they’re wrong is important. Truthfully, marketing tours are one of the best ways to get your brand in front of potential customers—but getting that tour up and running can be tricky. At Event Marketing Drivers, we understand this difficulty, so we specialize in marketing event management to take the burden off you. Our experts will help your marketing tour go off without a hitch!

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