Set-Up and Strike

When going on a marketing tour, you must account for many different variables to ensure things go smoothly. One of the most important variables is time, and while you can get to your event on time, perfecting set-up and strike is another challenge. Without the right skills and experience, you could spend the majority of your allotted time setting up a display that people only see for a few hours before it’s time for you to break it down again. You want people to see what your brand has to offer—simply seeing you go through event set-up and teardown paints a negative picture, which is why hiring the professionals at Event Marketing Drivers is so important. 

Here at Event Marketing Drivers, the class A CDL drivers we hire are experienced on the road and off. They’ve handled different shows and events in the past and have the knowledge and experience to handle event set-up and strike tasks, taking the responsibility off your shoulders. Time is of the essence when it comes to experiential marketing tours, so getting the right professionals to handle your marketing event set-up and strike is crucial. We understand this importance at Event Marketing Drivers, so we want to help the best way we can—by hiring the best drivers and event experts we can find. 

Set-up and strike can be difficult, especially when your specific marketing display is incredibly unique. All these complexities can add up, putting a heavy toll on those setting up and tearing down, even when they’ve done it repeatedly on tour. Lifting different items and continually moving them is a physical challenge, which is why we take setting up so seriously at Event Marketing Drivers. The professionals we hire know how to handle your marketing display in a timely manner, while staying safe and not overexerting themselves. It’s a tough balance to find, but it is certainly an important one that we’ve worked hard to perfect at Event Marketing Drivers.