Specialized Marketing Drivers

You’ll need a driver with a class A CDL license when you want to take your business, products, or services on the road. At Event Marketing Drivers, our specialized marketing drivers have the skills to get you in front of as many people as you want! We specialize in B2B roadshows, medical tours, experiential marketing, and anything in between. Our drivers have the skills and experience to haul your event trailers across the country on time and ensure things go off without a hitch.

We specialize in creating and meeting precise schedules. The event marketing tour drivers we have can also handle setting up and tearing down the marketing space, so the tour always runs within this careful schedule. As a part of setting everything up, our drivers are also equipped to troubleshoot any mobile assets you may have as a part of the marketing experience! The greatest pitfalls of a marketing tour are running behind schedule and not having working assets that potential customers can engage with. Here at Event Marketing Drivers, we aim to ensure that these issues never happen with your marketing tour.

Part of what makes our drivers so careful and perfect for the job is their certifications. At Event Marketing Drivers, we employ experiential marketing tour class A drivers who know how to haul even the largest trailers while keeping safety at the forefront. Our licensed mobile tour marketing drivers are DOT-compliant and abide by the legal rules and regulations that the Department of Transportation has in place. From an outside perspective, they might seem restrictive, or you might think they could impede your business’s ability to market as freely as it wants, but they are necessary. By being compliant, our specialized marketing drivers are well rested, focused, and able to give your business the attention it needs on these tours!

Count on us at Event Marketing Drivers to supply you with the perfect driver that can handle all the complexities of your unique business. Whatever your tour comprises and wherever you need to go, our drivers have the skills to help you display your innovative products and services and get the attention of potential customers and partners. Contact us to learn more!