Case Studies

Range Rover

  • Multiple gooseneck enclosed car haulers with one SUV each

  • Each tour covered a segment of the US

  • Each tour stopped at multiple dealerships per week

  • Dealers held “one night only” exclusive sneak peeks of the redesigned models for key clients

  • Drivers set up displays and the SUV in each dealer’s showroom


  • Two semi tour carrying the shipping container based display and offboard elements

  • Multi-day events maximized the reach and throughput

  • Entire 50’ x 50’ environment set up at nationwide events, both indoor and outdoor

  • Drivers assisted with loading and unloading of the container and the off-board elements


  • Two semi-trailer tour hauling custom display trailers on a Nationwide tour

  • Unique footprint created by linking the two trailers together

  • Exclusive invite-only events held in conjunction with entertainment venue activities

  • Drivers park, link and perform set-up of the two trailers to create a mobile showroom

  • One-day events included set, event, and strike per location