Mobile Tour Safety Tips for Both on and off the Road

Mobile Tour Safety Tips for Both on and off the Road

The road is a dangerous place, and it can make marketing tours fairly tricky. Many obstacles and hazards can create issues, both in travel and marketing. Marketing tours aren’t the easiest, but if you continue reading, you can learn about some mobile tour safety tips that help both on and off the road!

Stay Alert

One thing that any staff for your marketing tour needs to know, including the drivers, is that they must stay alert. Drivers must stay alert on the road because they have deadlines to get where they need to go, but they must also be safe. They must drive to protect the truck and the equipment inside while also accounting for all the other drivers getting on and off the road.

In addition to paying attention on the road, staff must be on their toes at the events themselves. It’s easy for a gust of wind to knock out a piece of equipment or cause damage, and you must be ready to step in when this happens. Similarly, there will be the occasional customer or two who may want to fiddle with something they’re not supposed to. In moments like these, no matter how uncomfortable the interaction, it’s important that you step in and defuse the situation before something gets broken or stolen.

Create a Procedure

One big issue can occur when you’re setting up your marketing display. Depending on the nature of your display, there are a lot of different moving parts that you must put together in a specific way. Improper setup could cause the display to fall and potentially hurt someone. Before going out on tour, you must establish a procedure for making setup repeatable, quick, and easy. This procedure ensures that your staff can put the display together while minimizing potential safety hazards.

Plan for Wiggle Room

On marketing tours, there are times that you’ll need to work around. Those times include arriving at the event, setting up and breaking down your displays, and driving to the next stop. Having a schedule with enough room for everyone to sleep and eat is important, but it’s also important to plan for wiggle room. Having too tight a schedule means the slightest bump in the road can set your tour back by hours. Planning for wiggle room helps ensure that even when these obstacles happen, like traffic jams or difficulty setting up the display, they won’t hurt your business or staff.

Make sure to embrace these mobile tour safety tips so that you can stay safe both on and off the road and get your marketing display in front of customers! It’s important to be punctual and safe because otherwise, you are putting your business in danger. At Event Marketing Drivers, we understand the importance of safety, which is why you can rely on us! We take care of all the truck maintenance for experiential marketing tours and assure you that our drivers will help get your promotional vehicles to every tour location on time and safely!

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