Why Is DOT Compliance Important for Your Tour Drivers?

Why Is DOT Compliance Important for Your Tour Drivers?

There are some strict Department of Transportation (DOT) rules for interstate business travel, and it’s important to keep these guidelines in mind when finding drivers for your events. These rules are in place for a reason, as they protect your business and the drivers. Continue reading to learn why DOT compliance is so important for your drivers.

What Is DOT Compliance?

To best understand why DOT compliance is so important, we must first break down what DOT compliance is. Any form of interstate business travel and commerce must adhere to strict regulations from the DOT. These regulations can seem strict, but they protect your business and drivers. Some DOT rules relate to the following:

  • The amount of time a driver can continuously be on the road
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Necessary permits
  • The use of vehicle monitoring devices

These rules are in place to guarantee a safe working environment, and you must find tour drivers that are compliant with these guidelines.

How Does It Work?

How does the Department of Transportation know if a driver is compliant? If a vehicle engages in interstate business and commerce, the business needs to apply for the proper permits and licensing.

After getting the permits, the drivers must undergo regular testing to guarantee they are drug-free at all times and alcohol-free when working. This testing takes place regularly and is not scheduled—rather, it is random to ensure the drivers cannot prepare for it. Additionally, if a driver has been involved in an accident while on the job, they must test immediately following the accident. Testing like this ensures the drivers are safe and that your business assets and everyone else on the road are protected.

Why Is It Important?

Skirting DOT rules is dangerous because it puts you and your business at risk with the law and opens you up to potential accidents. For example, if your driver has been on the road for too long, they will start feeling tired and are more likely to make mistakes. Another reason DOT compliance is important for tour drivers is that they have more responsibilities than just driving. A good driver is also responsible for setting up and breaking down the unique displays at the heart of the marketing tour. When drivers are DOT compliant, they’ll get to the event space at the right time, set it up, break it down, and get to the next location as efficiently as possible.

It’s easy to see why DOT compliance is so important for your tour drivers and how compliance helps your business. While DOT compliance is critical, finding DOT-compliant drivers can sometimes be tricky. However, when you work with Event Marketing Drivers, we can assure you that the drivers for your mobile marketing tours are DOT-compliant. That means you can rest easy knowing they are safely bringing your marketing displays to events all over the country.

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